· With regard to the extent of thanks and welcomed the guests and several hotel reservation, please evacuation and the delivery room at the appointed hour to take the necessary action please.
· It is worth mentioning renewal fee from 14 to 18 fifty percent of the cost of accommodation and after 18 hours, your account will be spending a full night.
· The hotel assumes no liability for the amount of funds and valuables are not distinguished guests. In order to further the welfare of your loved ones special fund for your precious storage room is built.
· Room and the entire hotel is covered by wireless Internet.


· Breakfast is from 7:30 to 10 am.
· Use the mini-bar is free for the first time and if you need to recharge, please contact Housekeeping.
· All of the hotel televisions equipped with digital receivers is the ability to play all radio stations.
· Qiblah direction in the room is marked by special signs. Also available is a prayer rug and a stamp in the nightstand drawer.
· The digital boxes that are available in the room, in case the Fund enter your code and press the E key. Please Pony and emptied in a safe room open.

Lost or forgotten objects

· The hotel assumes no liability for lost objects or guests have left. Please be diligent in the care and maintenance of your equipment.

Room service

· 24-hour room service hotel with a variety of hot and cold drinks are served to distinguished guests.


· Your clothes can deliver up to 11 am to Landry. After hours of delivery if the clothes do not, the next day it will be ready for delivery
Compliance and Information
· Guests and pony act without coordination and information are to leave the hotel, the hotel is authorized and obliged to vacate the room above


In all during the day, taxi services you distinguished guests are expected
account number
Bank card number 5513-2026-5310-6273 trade or current account number 0082016457 in the name of Abu Abbas Panahi
Pasargad Bank branch number 160570027101000431115001 night Saadi calle